Pottery Barn:
App Prototype.

App Design / App Development

A financial services client of mine wanted to pitch a cool app idea to one of their clients, Pottery Barn. Here was the pitch: wouldn’t it be cool if we could create an app that Pottery Barn’s in-home stylists could use when they go on client calls to help design interior spaces? Using an iPad app, the stylists could work with customers in real-time to build a wishlist, take photos of the space, and then drag-and-drop Pottery Barn products into the customer’s actual room. Plus, the stylists could design custom moodboards, take measurements of the room, and help the customer get approved for a Pottery Barn credit card all within the app.

To help sell in the idea, I designed and built a working, interactive prototype for the client to use in their pitch meeting. Way cooler than a PowerPoint if you ask me. Sadly, Pottery Barn didn’t build the app, but they did tell our client that “this was the coolest pitch we’ve ever received”.


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